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Fairview started business in 1969 as a small manufacturer and distributor of fittings and hose in Toronto. Since then, it has become an international company encompassing multiple sales and distribution centres across Canada and the United States.

Since its founding, Fairview has remained a dedicated Canadian family-owned company and operated company with over 230 employees across Canada and the US. We have expert knowledge and years of experience in the hose and fittings industry.  

At Fairview we pride ourselves on providing quality brands that deliver top performance. We have partnered with leading Canadian manufacturing companies who have rigorously tested their products to ensure lasting durability specific to our unique climate that varies from extreme cold to sweltering heat.

Our hoses are built to withstand extreme temperatures while providing ultra flexibility with no kinks giving you a consistent flow to complete any job from flooding a rink to filling a pool. Our Home & Garden Collection is composed of our top selling items designed to allow you to purchase what you need quickly and on demand.

When contacting us you can expect a quick response from our dedicated sales team who are happy to assist you in finding exactly what you are looking for at an affordable price.

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