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How to it works:

To gain access to Fairview's garden centre program, each ship-to location requires a one-time purchase of this kit. This kit is designed to make it easy to carry and sell Fairview's line of quality water products, including our Canadian-made water hoses, with a durable and attractive display. See the following for more details:​




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The Display

With minimal assembly required, the display features 2" locking castor wheels making it easily movable, signage, three shelves, 14 side hooks completing the 270 degree display unit. It minimizes your floor space requirements while optimizing the customer viewing experience. The display unit is completely powder-coated and painted black to be resilient to the elements and stand out in a crowd. Designed and built in Canada.



GWS-AW - Whirling with Wheels

GWS-IBST - Brass Impact with Spike Step

Hose Image.png


WHAF-8GRN-50GC - 50' Evergreen

WHAF-8GRN-100GC - 100' Evergreen

WHAF-8BLU-50GC - 50' Baffin Blue

WHAF-8BLU-100GC - 100' Baffin Blue

WHSK8BLK-50HLF - 50' Soaker, Brass Ends

Nozzle Image.png


GHN7-GC - 7 Pattern

GHN-BN-GC - Brass Tipped

GHTN-GC - 4" Brass, Twist

GHTN-RG  - Rubber Gripped, Twist 

GHN3-32  - 32" Watering Wand, 3 Pattern

Splitter Ball valve.png

Valves & Splitters

202-WV-GC - 2-Way Brass

404-WV 4-Way, Brass

BV202-W-GC - Full-Port 2-Way, Brass

BV199-W - Full-Port Single Shut Off, Brass

Accessories washer graphic.png


QD-WHCNP - QuickDraw coupler set

QD-WHNMP2 - Set of Male Couplers

GHWP5 - 5 Pack of Washers

GHW-SP5 - 5 pack of Screened Washers

Evergreen Hose Coiled_edited.jpg
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Our Warranty

We founded Fairview's Garden Centre Collection with one goal in mind: giving our customers a fair, rewarding and enjoyable shopping experience. We conduct business according to the same values, knowing that better service equals loyal customers. Our warranty policies are outlined in the warranties tab, please have a look and contact us if you want to learn more about out garden centre program!

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