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Assembly Step 7.JPG

Assembly Instructions

Tools Required:

Adjustable wrench

Robertson or Phillips screwdriver


2-End Frames

1-Stiffener Panel


14-Peg Hooks

2-Hanging Rail

1-Header Panel

1-Bag of Hardware (Nuts and Bolts)

1-Display Sign

Kit Assembly Step 1.JPG

Step 1:

Assemble the end frames as shown using supplied hardware (bolt/washer and nut).

The 3 hanging rails should be on the outside of the frame.

Assembly Step 2.JPG

Step 2:

Attach the stiffener panel to the bottom of the stand as shown below.

Assembly step 3.JPG

Step 3:

Attach the header panel to the top backside of the display unit

Assembly Step 4.JPG

Step 4:

Attach the supplied castors to the bottom of the display unit.

Assembly step 5.JPG

Step 5

Attach the 3 identical shelves to the rack. Each shelf has tabs that attach to the slots on the inside of the rack.

Assembly Step 6.JPG

Step 6:

Secure the end frames to the top 2 shelves using the supplied hardware.

Place the display sign in the header slot. Hang the peg hooks on the end frame rails. A zip tie or screw can be added to secure the display sign.

Canadian Made

The Display Unit

Designed I Built Manufactured

in Canada.

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