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Assembled in Canada, Fairview’s premium soaker hose is built to last and deliver even watering to your gardens.


This ½” hose is made from virgin rubber and includes solid lead-free brass ends.


Depending on water pressure, the hose boasts a flow rate of up to 3L/minute.


Available in 50’ lengths, it can be buried up to 6” below the surface and it will not burst if frozen.


    • For use with cold water only.
    • If used above ground, cover in mulch or rock to minimize evaporation.
    • Can be buried up to 6” below the ground and it will not burst if frozen.
    • Working pressure: 300 PSI
    • Temperature: Min: -26°C (-15°F) Max: 66° Celsius (+150°F)

    Start with a gentle (1/4 turn on your faucet) and adjust as necessary so water droplets appear along the entire length of hose. Reduce water pressure if water appears to spray- your plants will appreciate the gentle watering action.

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