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Designed to last, this heavy-duty water shut-off is designed for professionals that do not compromise. Unlike many shut-offs, this is a full-port design to maximize water flow and is easily controlled thanks to its enlarged valve handles and stainless-steel ball design.


All brass construction ensures durability and longevity, it can be used with hot or cold water.


The brass hex nut connection allows for easy installation on any standard garden hose threads (GHT), which means it can be connected to any water hose, nozzle or other accessory.


SKU: BV199-W
    • Industrial full-port design for maximum flow
    • Solid brass construction
    • Long handles for easy use and grip
    • Temperature: Min: -40°C (-40°F) Max: 88°C (+190°F)  
    • Working pressure 200 PSI

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